Here are some things my students have said about the courses I have taught: 

“Out of all the things I learned this term, I am most proud of the research skills I have obtained. I think I am now able to do everything that is listed above.  Honestly, I learned more throughout the course than I expected to, and looking back throughout the term, I can start to see where each of these skills (both hard and soft) has played a role in completing each assignment that I was asked to complete.”


“I found that the course instructor was very approachable and willing to answer any question I had.  The communication (emails, Canvas announcements, etc.) was great and extremely beneficial.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and made it point to try and connect with us.” 


"She is very caring and passionate about teaching. She has good slides and interacts with the students to keep us paying attention. I had no problem with her teaching so there's nothing that needs to change in my opinion." 


"The instructor was very helpful inside and outside of class and was very welcoming in front of the class. She was engaging."


"The instructor was very good about being available to answer questions or problems that students had with assignments or with course concepts. The instructor was also good about trying to get the class, even though it was a large class, involved during lecture by asking questions of the class or by having us work in pairs on a concept or idea in the lecture."


"Strengths: Knowledgeable, approachable, cared about our success. Weaknesses: N/A"


"Olivia clearly cares about her students and wants to teach us information about human geography to make us more informed individuals about issues people normally do not think about. She's very understanding if you communicate with her and works to make the class achievable and enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable about the subject of geography which makes her a credible and respectable professor."


""This is my third year at University and Oliva Molden was the most prepared and organized instructor I've ever had. She was extremely respectful and understanding towards all students."​